Be in Health Georgia

Be in Health® provides instruction on healing and preventing disease through an integrated approached of observable science and utilizing scripturally-based teachings. For over 20 years, the organization offers insight with copyrighted research into the spiritual roots of disease and disciple individuals how to apply the knowledge for their physical and mental health by incorporating humankind’s triunity of body, soul, and spirit.

Based in Thomaston, Georgia, Be in Health has served thousands of people throughout the US and internationally. Resources offered include highly acclaimed week-long teaching programs called For My Life® and Walkout Workshop, online education courses and research, specialty conferences addressing key areas of research, and a Spiritual Lifeline, a phone ministry operated by able ministers. The week-long programs and focus on practical application of Scripture and understanding of discerning of internal and external thoughts. Be in Health also assist individuals overcome a variety of personal concerns and health issues through its interactive online, after-care web form titled Overcomer’s Community.

The outreach of Be in Health extends beyond Thomaston. Dr. Henry Wright and his team offer an assortment of one-day conferences hosted at local and nationwide locations. Attended by visitors nationally and internationally, the conferences address topics such as disease prevention, world religion, understanding the spirit world, identifying pathways of relationship restoration, and the challenging attendees everywhere to take spiritual ownership of their lives.

Dr. Wright and his wife Donna also delivers discussions designed for married couples. The content of this annual marriage retreat week is all that a parent and a pastor should have prepared someone for but did not or were not available. Diseases are not the only possibly difficulty that travels through family lines. Broken relationships are learned through observation. Be in Health has consistently taken the approach that healthy relationship make for healthy bodies. The Wright’s wisdom of Biblical rules for relationship has helped marriages identify and restore destructive patterns.

Testimonies of healing and miracles are the ongoing fruit coming out of years of Be in Health adhering to practical apprehension and application of the Bible. The knowledge and proper utilization of medical science and spiritual discernment in Be in Health teaching has had an undeniable impact on all those that are eager to change.